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Our Credentals

Professionalism and Integrity

When booking a school photographer you want to know that they are reliable, have integrity , are professional and businesslike and above all safe to work with the children in your school. We check all our staff references and make sure that they are suitable to work within your school with children.We do not collect money in advance from your school and we have a retake or 100% refund policy in place should parents/guardians not be pleased with their child's photographs. 

We allow parents to choose the option of a refund or retake.School Fotos is a 100% Irish owned business serving schools,colleges and universities nationwide.


Our Photographers

All our photographers are full time professionals used to working with young children. They are highly skilled and organised in working within the school environment and in dealing with large numbers of children. With meticolous planning they will ensure that everything goes smoothly and that there is no pressure on the school staff and that disruption to the school schedule is kept to a minimum.


Our Professional Associations


School Fotos are accrediated Members of the prestigious Professional School Photographers Association and practice according to their code of ethics in producing professional quality school photography and in the way we conduct our business. When you book us for a school photography session you can rest assured that your photographer will arrive on the appointed day and time and that you and your staff will be treated in a very courteous way.




In accordance with the Professional School Photographers Association conditions of membership which includes proof of public liability insurance we have such cover up to three million euro.




Child Protection Policy

In accordance with our child protection policy we insist that a member of the school staff be present at all times during out time at the school