Unlike small groups or individuals, when it comes to portraits of large groups, such as schools there are many faces to remember and a distinct spirit of the group to be reflected.

When it comes to schools, School Fotos is Irelands  best in the whole-of school photography industry.

We have two methods of producing whole school group photographs. We can use traditional staging which is used mainly outdoors or we can produce a group by photographing each student one by one against a green screen background which is then  painstakingly merged with one another to produce a whole group creating a permanent record of that moment in time for the entire school community to be cherished for a lifetime. The group photo above was produced using this technique.


The Advantages of Green Screen:

  •   Less time out of classroom resulting in minimal disruption to school
  •   Little scaffolding is used, minimising insurance and potential litigation issues, and maximising safety
  •   Less time away from work stations for administration and teaching staff
  •   Students do not have to be in the same location at the same time as they can be added in place later
  •   No limit to the number of people  in the photo
  •   The most attractive expression can be caught on camera, for example, no blinks or movement
  •  All subjects (seated or standing) are aligned in such a way that each will be equally and clearly visible
  •   No limitation of shape, style or format
  • The photograph can be placed in any background setting, School Oval, in front of historic building etc.

A school with more than one campus can have a large photo of all combined campuses as well as individual   photo for each campus.

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