Primary School Photos


 Primary school is a very important period in any child's life. It is a period which many parents understandably want to capture. At School Fotos, we immortalise these memories with professional primary school photography that is natural, efficient and affordable. We take great pride in being able to deliver this popular service to parents to cherish this time in their children's lives forever.

We have been carrying out professional photography for primary schools in Ireland for over 40 years and we know how to get the best shots in the least time, so regular schoolwork is not disrupted for long. If you would like to view some samples please click the Contact Us tab below and request samples.
If you are interested in our primary school photography services watch our Video  and you can send us a message using the contact tab below. 




Individual Primary School Portraits

We take individual portraits, as part of our primary school photography services, using multiple poses to ensure there is an excellent end result to suit all preferences.  Our photographers are chosen on their ability to interact with children to bring out the natural relaxed qualities of the child. This is what makes our school portraits so special. We include sibling photos too. Get in touch .




 Small Group Photography cVozY5KLcVozY5KL

Our class and sports group photographs are second to none and extremely popular with parents. We offer a wide range of different primary school class group and sports team products, from traditional to panoramics, and each one is totally unique to School Fotos. Working with the school and parent association we deliver tailored groups and offer the most innovative selection of options on the market. We are happy to talk you through our range of options. Contact us today.




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Large Primary School Group Photos

From year groups to whole school groups, no group is too large for us to undertake. Need a whole school photograph? A year group? Or maybe a large group of students leaving? We’ve got you covered. As professional primary school photographers, we have extensive experience in photographing groups. Our experience ensures that all group photography is carried out in a well organised and safe environment with speed and efficiency and without too much disruption.

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