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About Us


School Fotos  is a completely Irish owned business. We are the fastest growing school photography business in ireland offering lowest prices and greater options to parents.

We provide some of the most original and stunning School photography throughout Ireland



Being parents ourselves we understand how important it is to have beautiful photos taken of our children during their school years. They change so much and so quickly. We also understand the financial pressure that parents are under in these uncertain times and to this end we have introduced a new online system that allows parents to create their own photo packages and mix siblings in the same school into one package. 

Using our new system proofs will be available on the same day as the shoot and there will be big discounts for purchasing online. Photos can be dispatched to the school or directly to parents.

The new system will run in parallel to our hard copy proofs for those parents who do not wish to order online.We have spoken to many parents to get their views on school photographs, style, pricing and presentation and have responded to what they had to say. We have produced a service where parents are in control and gives great value for money.

We are a small independent  Irish owned business based in Kilkenny operating nationwide and were founded  in 2011 after working in the school photography industry for one of the larger companies.

Not being happy with the standard style of photography that they tended to produce year on year, we wanted to introduce some new and unique ideas that could change the whole look of the school photograph to make it more creative and appealing to parents and change to a new system that gives parents the control to make their own choices and create their own photo packs.


What makes us different?

All our photographers are full time professionals that have their own unique ability and style, which of course we encourage . Additionally, being a professional full time working photographer rather than just trained for the job, means that they will also know how to adapt should things unexpectedly change on the day of photography. 

We know that requirements differ from parent to parent and our system reflects this in the range of products and services available. In other words we are extremely flexible.

We have no dedicated sales staff whatsoever at School Fotos, only photographers. We build proper old fashioned relationships with schools. The future of our business rests on the photography we produce and the service we give to schools. That you will find will be second to none and you will  receive fabulous customer service - always. 

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At the end of the day it’s all about the photography – giving to parents school day photographs that they will cherish for years to come..

We are School Fotos  based in Kilkenny operating nationwide. Stunning photo's by some of the most talented and unique photographers in school photography in Ireland.

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Member of the Professional Schools Photographers Association