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Debs Ball Photography

Your Debs Ball is one of those landmark occasions that should never be forgotten. Just like your Confirmation and First Holy Communion, and  your wedding, so your Debs is a milestone that deserves to be recorded for you and your family forever.

A professional photoshoot on the day of your Debs, will give you a set of photos to cherish for the rest of your life. Shot using state of the art lighting and in the controlled environment of our portable studio, the photo session will capture this significant moment in your life perfectly.

Our social media facility means photos can be shared to Facebook and other social media the instant they are taken. They will be emailed to your mobile phone where you can then share.

To enquire about, or to book, your Debs photographer just call any of the numbers below or use our contact form Here. You can also click on the Ask A Question bubble at the bottom  of the page . Your Debs session can provide  prints on the night, click here for details, or we can deliver after the event and re-prints available online. Images will also be on our website for sharing on Facebook and other Web sites. 

Details and prices Here

We are a team of experienced professional photographers, covering debs, formal balls, and school events up and down the country.

We use mobile studios, backdrops and lighting and print on site facilities to deliver high quality photographs in seconds! We do not use school photography backgrounds for Debs.

We invest in the latest digital cameras, studio equipment and professional printers to provide you with the highest quality photos that will last for life.

Why not take advantage of our pre-pay packages which offer a big discount over our normal prices. Every guest can have a photo included in their ticket price, adding value to your event, and ensuring everyone gets to take away a memory. We will print your Debs tickets for FREE. Click here for more details.





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