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our New most advanced online sales system for schools

   Our new online sales system for school photography means parents can view proofs of their child's   photos the same day as the shoot.
  They can choose from a larger selection of photographs, create their own package, add effects and
  even mix sibling photos in one package. No more having to buy more than one package where a 
  parent has more than one child in the school.


GotPhoto cardGotPhoto card

    How it all works


On photo day we tag each child photographed with a unique code. The child will be given a coded card (See above) to take home . All parents have to do is go online to our website, follow the simple instruction and input the unique code from the card that was generated to give them access to their child's/children's photographs.


Once logged in they can view all photos of the child/children, create packages based on their own  selections from a range of photo sizes, mix sibling photos into one package (Up to 5 siblings), add effects, purchase other products and pay securely and their order will be shipped to their address. All very simple. No hassle for parents and less to do for school staff.

In line with our child protection policy the unique code randomly generated for each child will give each parent access to their own child's photos only.

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After Photo Day

A few days after photo day we will deliver to the school  combined online/proof cards. This enables parents who wish to order by proof card to do so but it also has instructions and login information for those who wish to view proofs online and order online.

We recognise that all all parents do not wish to interact with the online system and therefore we offer the traditional proofing method.


For more information on our new system please contact us without obligation 

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